9 Fun Bookstores You Should Visit When In Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium. There are so many things to do in Brussels, one of them being visiting bookstores. Here are 9 fun bookstores you should visit when in Brussels.

1. Pêle-Mêle Bruxelles

This bookstore loves to recycle. You can find fun second hands books from all kinds of genres. They have books in English, French, Dutch and more! You can find Pêle-Mêle in Brussels, Waterloo and Ixelles. They are open 7 days a week.

Address: Maurice Lemonnierlaan 55, 1000 Brussels

2. TASCHEN Bookstore Brussels

Attention art lovers! At TASCHEN you can find a wide range of books. Everyone who’s passionate about photography, art, design or cinema will find something worth having. Not only the books are arsty but so is the decor of the bookshop. It was created for TASCHEN by known artist Philippe Starck.

Address: Lebeaustraat 18, 1000 Brussels

3. Waterstones

Waterstones is Belgium’s biggest English-language bookstore and has only one establishment and that’s in Brussels. Waterstones has a variety of books, DVD’s and even British food like Easter eggs and Christmas Crackers. They are open 7 days a week.

Address: Adolphe Maxlaan 71/75, 1000 Brussels

4. Tropismes

A lesser known but beautiful bookstore located in center Brussels. Their range exists out of French and English books. Tropismes has also an online site on which you can order books. This location is great for Bookstagram pictures!

Address: Galerie des Princes 11, 1000 Brussels

5. Standaard Boekhandel

Standaard Boekhandel is the most famous bookstore in Belgium. With over 146 bookstores they’re the biggest in Flandres of which four are situated in Brussels. This store has a wide range of books, from children books and YA to thrillers and romance novels. Standaard Boekhandel sells Dutch books as well as English books.

Address: Anspachlaan 28, 1000 Brussels

6. Passa Porta

Passa Porta is a, quite literally, hidden gem. They are known as the international house of literature in Brussels. Their slogan is ‘we connect curious people with writers and their ideas’. Passa Porta sells books of all types and genres in multiple languages. You can find them in the Antoine Dansaertstraat. The store is indicated with a sign hanging out. To reach the bookstore you need to enter a long hallway.

Address: Antoine Dansaertstraat 46, 1000 Brussels

7. Sterling Books

Sterling Books is an independent English bookshop in the heart of Brussels. They have a wide range of books (all in English). Sterling Books is one of the last independent bookstores in Belgium. The shop is run by an international team of Belgian, British and American booklovers.

Address: Wolvengracht 23, 1000 Brussels

8. Evasions

If you love a good bargain, then this is the place to be. Evasions sells second hand books, CD’s, DVD’s and vinyl records for a cheap price. The two story building can be found in the center of Brussels not far from the famous Manneken Pis statue.

Address: Zuidstraat 89, 1000 Brussels

9. Librebooks

Librebooks is so much more than a bookshop. They sell books in more than 20 languages, all of them “Made in Europe”. These books are all contemporary fiction written by author coming from 30 European countries. Not only are they a bookstore, but they are also a cultural café. This shop is just outside of Brussels.

Address: Waversesteenweg 128, 1050 Ixelles

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