Here are some of my favourite booktubers part II

Hello book loves I hope you are all doing well! Earlier this month I wrote this kind of post for the first time and I feel like a lot of people saw that post. So I thought it would be fun to make this a series and here’s part two. There are a lot of booktubers out there that work so hard to come with new and refreshing content. Here’s my way to celebrate them!

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To Be Black and Loved

Jonathan’s reviews are always so detailed, it’s really fun to watch them. I also love his enthusiasm when he talks a bout a book he likes. It makes me want to immediately pick the book up.

Library of Tomes

Okay so, I didn’t know I needed this video but guess what. I needed this video! I love her recommendations and her make-up looks always stunning!

tammie tries to read

Can we first of all talk about Tammie’s thumbnails because they’re always so pretty! She has a wide variety of videos, and they’re always pretty long which is honestly amazing.

Fantasy Book Addict

Here’s another booktuber with amazing thumbnails! I love to watch her wrap-ups, tags and book hauls!

Bookishly Michelle

I really like the reading vlogs Michelle uploads. Her latest vlog is honestly helping me to start a new book. 4 books in 48 hours is crazy!

The Reading Fangirl

I love how Sofia makes videos about multiple subjects. I am also a huge MCU fan so every single one of her videos are really interesting!

There you go, these are some of my favourite booktubers. Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments who some of your favourite booktubers are!

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