my wishes for 2022 – goodreads edition

In this series, I sum up what I would like to see this year in specific bookish apps, sites, and other things. In today’s post, I will talk about what I’d like to see on the Goodreads site in 2022.


This is the app I use the most. I think I use Goodreads almost daily. It’s very handy to track your progress, and I also love the challenge option. I do however would like to see some extra features added to the app and site this year.

  • A new look

I think I’m not the only one who wants this for Goodreads. Just a nice looking modern feel to their app and site. It’s honestly hideous and not that user-friendly. Just try looking up any list without going through Google. Just straight via their website. I can’t find anything.

  • 0.5 stars

Another one I feel like everyone is waiting for: 0,5-star ratings. I know no one who only rates in full points. Sometimes a book doesn’t feel like a 3 but doesn’t feel like a 4 either. So just let me add 0.5 stars, please. Oh, and while we’re at it, maybe also add the option to be able to rate books out of 10? I’ve seen people rating books like that, and it would be a great option to add.

  • International giveaways

I swear giveaways on Goodreads used to be open to all countries, but recently they’re only open to the US and Canada. I would love to enter giveaways on Goodreads. It would be fun to explore and discover new books like that. And it doesn’t always have to be a hardback or paperback that’s the prize, an ebook or even autograph would be cool too.

  • Challenges

So this is one that I have only thought about recently, and that’s just premade challenges. For Halloween, it could be a list with Halloween/spooky-themed books that you can add to your tbr. Or maybe, but that’s a bit more complicated, a challenge where you have to read all the books on that list. I just think that would be a great feature.

These are some of my wishes for Goodreads in 2022. What would you like to see from Goodreads this year?

2 thoughts on “my wishes for 2022 – goodreads edition

  1. Have you heard of The StoryGraph? It’s a website/app similar to Goodreads, but it allows you to rate things with .5 (and even .25) stars. AND it has challenges that you can track along with your reading. Plus, it shows you really cool stats an information about what you read, such as if you prefer long books or short books and what page length of books you prefer. I still use Goodreads, but I trust StoryGraph more when it comes to my stats and ratings!

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    1. Yes I used it for a couple of days but stopped and I don’t really know why haha. This message wants to make me try it out again!

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