Why I Started A Book Blog

Hello lovelies! In this post I’ll be talking about how and why I started a book blog. What gave me the idea and the guts to actually buy a domain name and start a website.

What you need to know is that I’m a journalism student. I’m in my final year and I’m trying to find my passion in life. One of my passions is reading books. When I’m reading it feels like I’m in a whole other world. I find reading so relaxing and it makes me happy. The way a book can transport you in someone’s story and life is honestly amazing. Another passion of mine is writing (hence the choice of studying journalism). At the start of this school year I didn’t feel ready to start working. It felt like after two years studying journalism I didn’t have the qualities a journalist should have. If someone were to ask me then to show an article I was really proud of, I wouldn’t have been able to show anything because there was nothing to show. I didn’t have articles that were good. So I decided to start a blog about books.

I did some research on domain names and found some sites where you can buy a domain name for a year for 1 euro. I decided to buy it and start my site on Wix. What you need to know about starting your site on Wix is that you need to buy premium to be able to link a domain name to your actual site. Of course you don’t have to spend money on a name if you’re happy with your site name being http://www.xxx.wixsite.com or http://www.xxx.wordpress.com. After buying all this I started to really write posts and make my site layout in my style and that was it. Suddenly I had a site I was so proud of.

I have always wanted to write book reviews but I never knew where to start. I just love the idea of people appreciating my opinion about a book. Now I have a blog and I also have a portfolio for later. But you need to know, I was really scared to actually go through with it. I was scared no one would want to read my reviews. I was scared my reviews would be terrible. I was scared that my English isn’t good enough. I’m Belgian and was raised in Dutch and French. So why write in English? I tried writing in Dutch, I really did but it didn’t feel the same. I couldn’t express myself as good in Dutch as in English. So I decided to write in English and so far I don’t regret my choice. My advice is, find what you’re comfortable with and go with that. It’s your blog, your choice.

If you are interested in starting a blog but you’re still hesitating, don’t be afraid! You can absolutely do it. Do what you love to do. There are people who will read your posts. You are good enough.

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